A Unique Approach
For Learning Guitar

John KarnishHi there.  My name is John Karnish.  I have been playing guitar for quite a while but for most of my life not that seriously.  As I got older, I realized how much I appreciate playing and have played a lot more.  I focus on learning the Blues as that what come most natural to me and I’d rather be good at one style than OK at many.  So I focus most of my study-time learning blues.

I am thinking about creating a course for brand new guitarists.  I’ve seen so many people who wanted to learn but never follow through.  I would like to help new guitarist make it through the toughest part of learning guitar, “the very beginning.”

More Info can be found at CompleteBeginnersGuitar.com

Here are some videos I created if you are interested in hearing some of my work.  Not sure what I want to do with this site just yet.

Turn up the sound for “Delta Blues Jam,” this one is really soft.